Legal Metrology

Legal Metrology (‘LM’) laws have been enacted to ensure fair trade practice and consumer protection. Some of the salient features of this law include: (a) Applicability on packaged commodity intended for retail sale (b) Provision for mandatory declarations on the products including MRP; (c) Central Excise is computed / payable on the MRP affixed on the products under the legal metrology laws.

Aureus has a team of lawyers who have assisted several large corporates in relation to compliances under the LM laws. We have assisted a leading apparel manufacturer in relation to notice proceedings initiated by the LM Dept. on a pan India basis. Our assistance also included the review of sample labels in order to identify the impact areas and store visits to determine applicability of LM laws upon the products being sold.. We have also represented a leading FMCG multinational before the LM Dept. in notice proceedings.

Our services include the following:

  • Identifying the areas of non-compliance in labelling under the LM law;
  • Suggesting changes and way forward to be fully compliant from the labelling perspective;
  • Visits to the warehouse / factory locations;
  • Review of disclosures / declarations made on the labels;
  • Representational assistance before the LM Dept. / Courts in case of notice being issued for violations;
  • Conducting compounding proceedings before the LM Dept.