Our business is to know yours. We are passionate about what we do, and how we go about doing it. Our practice area spans the entire spectrum between litigation and corporate advisory. We are perhaps the only law firm in the space that we operate in, which has a strength in the tax practice that we have. 

What this means for you is: a full suite of services, which has all the practice specializations to exceed your operational, business and strategic requirements. 

Practice Spectrum




Banking & Financial Services

Pharma & Healthcare







Not for profit

Oil & Gas

Real Estate 



Waste Management

Our attorneys are constantly updating their knowledge base, while conducting internal training, or preparing periodic updates. Our internal training is always attended by the location partners, and the updates are always reviewed at the partner level. This rigor is necessary in our view, since our updates reach a vast audience in the legal, finance, tax, HR and decision making teams of various businesses. 

Case Studies - Illustrative

Re-Invented, Not Recycled

Drafted a full suite of contracts for a leading player in the renewable energy space in relation to their new line of business. Initial mandate was for vetting of the contracts. Discussions followed, which made it clear to the client that the new line of business requires a re-think. The contracts were, accordingly, completely revamped.

Seamless assistance

Acted as advisers for a large group operating in the space of medical education in India. The engagement brought together the facet of the Firm that we portray: a comprehensive assistance suite bringing together tax, legal and corporate matters. In a seamless delivery mechanism. 

One Stop Shop 

Appointed by various businesses as a one stop shop for all requirements, tax or legal. We have acted on various mandates as the single firm, working in tandem with client teams in assisting them on all areas of their operations. This has led to significant cost savings for our clients, as they have managed to leverage the strength of a Firm's practice in-step with their in-house legal & tax teams.